Mechanical Locks

Mechanical Locks

We provide a traditional look for all business settings, including retail stores, single-office buildings, multi-building office complexes, banks, commercial spaces, hospitals, and other facilities. Where keys and cards misplaced and stifle employee output, these locks prevent a problem from occurring and increase productivity.

Hotshot Gate Repairs installs mechanical combination locks for residential and commercial properties. We will assist you in selecting the best keyless entry solution to protect and secure your business.


Mechanical Locks

 Keyless door locks use cutting-edge technology to provide greater security and versatility. With keyless door locks, you can gain access to your home or business without using a key.

We provide the most cost-effective solution for managing resident, contractor, and visitor access, whether new or retrofit. We only work with the best brands on the market, expertly installing the most advanced security products.

We provide the most recent mechanical combination door locks to residential and commercial clients in Houston, Sugarland, Strafford, Bellaire, West University, Hunters Creek Village, Bunker Hill Village and many more!

Types of Mechanical Locks

There are several common types of mechanical door locks, including the following:

  1. Pin tumbler locks: These locks have pins of varying lengths that needs to align in a specific way in order to unlock the lock.
  2. Lever tumbler locks: These locks use a lever mechanism instead of pins to secure the lock.
  3. Wafer tumbler locks: These locks are similar to pin tumbler locks. But they use wafers instead of pins to secure the lock.
  4. Disc tumbler locks: These locks use a series of discs. That needs to be aligned in a specific way in order to unlock the lock.
  5. Cam locks: These locks use a rotating cam to secure the lock in place.
  6. Deadbolt locks: These locks have a bolt that is secure in place by a spring-loaded mechanism or a key.

Each type of mechanical lock has its own unique characteristics and benefits. And the right type of lock for a given situation will depend on the specific needs and requirements of the user.

Exterior Mechanical Doors

Exterior mechanical doors are doors that are designed for use on the outside of a building or structure. These doors typically make from durable materials such as metal or wood. And they may have additional features such as weatherstripping.

Exterior mechanical doors serve a variety of purposes. Including providing access to and from the building, enhancing security, and protecting the interior of the building from the elements. They are commonly used on commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. And they can customize to meet the specific needs and requirements of each individual application.

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