Viking Gate Repair and Installation Services in Houston

Viking Access Systems is one of the biggest names in commercial and residential gate openers. Founded in 2003, the company is known for reliable, efficient, and innovative slide and swing gate openers, access controls and accessories. Their machines offer complete compliance with UL325 and UL991, soft-start and soft-stop, continuous operation (100% duty cycle), intelligent obstruction sensors, and extreme power efficiency. Plus, they offer features such as redundancy design in both hardware and software which ensures smooth functionality and operation, adaptive and self-learning algorithms, protection from short circuit, power surges, and lightning. These features set them apart from rest of the brands in the market.

But getting these gate openers isn’t enough. You also need someone who can install them properly and repair them when needed. Hotshot Gate Repairs, in Houston TX provides you complete solutions under one roof.

Gate Operators we Install and Repair

We offer installation and repair services for a range of Viking gate operators. Our experts conduct a thorough audit of your property to determine the best product for you. Take a look at the range of Viking access systems, they can install and repair in your commercial and residential properties.

Swing Gate Operators

 The Viking swing operators we install and repair are:

  • T-21: It has a maximum capacity of 2000lbs/12’ or 1200lbs/20’. These can be used for residential as well as commercial purposes.
  • F-1: The maximum capacity of the operator is 1600lbs/12’ or 1000lbs/16’. The DC motor is equivalent to 0.5 HP AC motor.
  • R-6: It has a max gate capacity of 700lbs/14’. The DC motor is equivalent to 0.33HP AC motor.
  • G-5: t has a maximum capacity of 2000lbs/10’ or 800lbs/18’. It is suitable for both residential and commercial purposes.
  • E-4: The maximum capacity is 850lbs/10’ and 550lbs/16’. The DC motor is equivalent to 0.33HP AC motor.
  • X-9: it has a maximum gate capacity of 600lbs/14’.

Slide Gate Operators

Contact us for installation and repair of the following Viking slide gate opener in Houston TX:

  • Q-7: This powerful operator has a capacity of 7000lbs/120’.
  • H-10: It is a residential and commercial motor with a capacity of 2200/75’.
  • L-3: The residential and commercial motor has a maximum capacity of 1600/60’.
  • K-2: It has a max gate capacity of 700lbs/30’.

Solar Gate Operators

The G-5, K-2, R-6 and K-9 models of Viking gate openers can be solar powered. We provide installation and repair for these models as well.

What Sets Us Apart

We have a working process designed to ensure maximum satisfaction for our customers. The process starts with determining the needs of the customer. Our technicians would also have to know about the type of gate you are using, the length of the gate, and the weight of the gate. The longevity of the opener would also be dependent on the condition of your gate. Our technician would visit your property to ensure the gate is in healthy condition. The technician would check:

  • If the hinges are in optimal condition without any friction.
  • If the post is leaning or has any defect.
  • To find out which way the gate is opening, if it is a swing gate. This decides where the arm would go.

Installation is done within no time, after the right product is chosen by you. Our customer services are open 24/7 to address all your needs.  

Contact Hotshot Gate Repairs for expert, reliable and cost-effective repair and installation services, of all your Viking access systems, in Houston today!

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