For anybody in charge of running a business or managing a public area, security and access control are crucial concerns. It is crucial for high-security buildings like banks, pharmacies, and airports. While some institutions continue to use conventional physical keys, many have shifted to an access control system that is more sophisticated. 

Maglocks employ the same low-voltage electricity that alarm systems do to keep the lock closed (often DC 12 or 24 volts). By using a card swipe, key fob contact, or by entering a code on a keypad, the lock can be turned off. An access control system is connected to every maglock. The Maglock system offers remote access to secure control apps through a smartphone. These access control systems range widely in complexity, but the majority of them can be configured to work with virtually any maglock hardware. You’ll discover that using maglocks with your access control system has several advantages for security guards and building managers.

How Does Maglock Work?

The components of a magnetic lock include a magnet that is often fixed at the top of the door frame using an armature—typically made of aluminum—and brackets that allow the magnet to be mounted on the door frame.

To properly secure the door, they produce a magnetic field using an electrical current that holds the lock’s armature plate to the magnetic coil. The magnetic field attracts the armature plate as the coil conducts current through it. The electromagnet and armature plate line up when the door is closed, and the resulting force keeps the door in place. It is necessary to stop the electrical current going to the coil to open a door with a magnetic lock. The magnetic field weakens as a result of this disruption, releasing the armature plate and allowing the door to open.

Maglock Components

An electromagnet plus an armature plate make up a magnetic lock, often known as a mag lock. Locksmiths employ these elements to guarantee a person’s property is safe. The door opening has a magnet inserted as a defensive component that deters tampering and undermines the effectiveness of this security system. An armature plate that is included with the door face allows the mechanisms to operate well. The gadget can only function if it has access to an electrical supply. When a magnet is connected to an electrical source, a magnetic attraction is produced. The door locks properly and tightly as a result of the magnet remaining firmly on the plate.

Guidelines And Regulations For Maglocks

Before it may be used, the installed maglock device must pass a final examination. To guarantee their usage is secure and efficient, magnetic locks are subject to some laws and standards. Here is a quick rundown of some of the most important laws and guidelines about maglocks:

Building Codes

To maintain safety and security, a lot of building regulations call for particular criteria to be met by maglocks. For instance, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) specifies installation and usage procedures for electromagnetic locks on doors in various occupancy classes.

UL Standards

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a safety consulting and certification firm that evaluates and accredits a range of systems and products, including maglocks. The extensive list of requirements covered by the UL standards includes things like the type of materials used, fire resistance, and electrical safety.

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Tips For Maintaining Maglock

Regular Inspection and Cleaning

Initially, keep an eye out for wear, breakage, or rust on the magnetic locks frequently. You can discover issues early on by doing routine inspections. Clean up any debris, dirt, and dust from the lock’s vicinity regularly. Keep in mind to wipe off the surface and any exposed lock components with a gentle, dry cloth. The use of abrasive or chemical cleaners can harm the surface and some components of the lock, so avoid doing so in the interim.

Preventive Measures

The manufacturer’s recommendations for lock lubrication should then be reviewed. Recall that certain magnetic locks only require a minimal amount of maintenance. Whenever possible, use a silicone-based lubricant to lubricate moving parts. Additionally, avoid using anything oil-based that can cause dirt and dust to attach to it.

Check The Electrical Parts And Wiring

Regularly check the wiring and electrical connections for indications of wear, damage, or loose connections. Then, to avoid harm, make sure the power source is reliable and stays within the lock’s recommended voltage range.

Schedule For Testing And Maintenance

Based on the manufacturer’s recommendations and how frequently you use the lock, create a testing and maintenance schedule. This might assist you in identifying issues with the magnetic door lock system before they become more serious.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

To learn how to care for your magnetic lock, always refer to the user guide and manufacturer’s instructions.

Considering The Environment

Inspect the lock to make sure it is protected from dampness and other exterior elements. You might also cover it with something to keep the weather off of it. Avoid mounting the magnetic door lock in extremely hot or cold environments as well, as it could not function properly.

Exploring How Maglock Improving Safety At Your Home: The Benefits 

The fact that magnetic locks function quietly is a significant benefit. When you unlock the magnetic lock, there is only a slight click to be heard because it operates on DC power. For usage in households, the quiet magnetic locks are excellent. These are some of the useful advantages of maglock installation, but it is crucial to understand that they require consistent electricity to function properly. The lock will de-energize and disengage security if there is a power outage.

Simple Installation

In contrast to traditional locks, electromagnetic ones are, first and foremost, built simply. Unlike the latter, which frequently includes several interconnected elements, electromagnetic locks simply have a few. As a result, the installation procedure will be straightforward and quick. Errors are also less likely to occur with a simple installation.

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Rapid, Effective, And Secure

The functioning of electromagnetic locks is also quick and effective. The door automatically unlocks when the power is turned off or when the switch is turned on since the lock is powered by electricity. Magnetic padlocks save a lot of time when compared to manually opening padlocks using keys. This is especially appealing to people who need quick access to commonly utilized supplies or entrances or in the case of a fire.

Remote Access Control

In addition, one of the key aspects is the capability of remote operation. You can operate the locks without being there by flipping a switch from a distance. For this reason, a lot of people are installing magnetic locks.


Just think of how lovely it would be to never have to be concerned about forgetting your keys or manufacturing extra keys for visitors. There are no keys with smart locks; instead of giving a spare key to a neighbor, visitor, or delivery person, you may give them a code. The lack of a spare key offers improved door security over conventional locks. One poll found that 20% of people leave spare keys outside, making their front doors more likely to be broken into even when they are locked. You may avoid hiding spare keys where thieves could easily locate them by using smart locks. Installing smart locks could be a good idea if you want to feel secure. The greatest house locks money can buy are those that offer more security, convenience, and confidence.


The majority of homeowners are cautious about overspending on any necessity. The last thing you want, though, is to cut corners when it comes to security since you get what you pay for in terms of quality. Additionally, if a magnetic lock’s pricing looks too good to be true, the certification and quality will reflect that. To obtain the most value for your money, we advise buying a more expensive magnetic lock made by a respected company because it will last you for many years. The higher the price, the higher the quality when it comes to locks like these. It’s an investment that pays well when it comes to defending your company.


Lastly, even if someone attempts to force it open with a crowbar, magnetic locks are strong and less likely to sustain damage. It should endure for the duration of the door.

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